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Notorious Dirty Producers - Oxymoron Entertainment Industry Scumbags

"Producer" Scum.  A list of some of the worst!

The Entertainment Industry attracts some of the most vile frauds.

 Here is our  - 2015 scumbag list - updated periodically.

Oxymoron Entertainment News - Louis Soteriou Film Fraud
Louis Soteriou - $9 Million Fraud.
Louis Soteriou, the "silent partner" in a $28 million film project that defrauded hundreds of Vermont investors by an estimated $9 million over 10 years, apologized for his role in the crime Monday but said he still believes the film someday can make back the money the investors lost.  "No matter what I say, words cannot take away the financial loss that everyone encountered," Soteriou said shortly before being sentenced to seven years in prison by U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss. 

Christopher Mallick of Epassporte and Oxymoron Entertainment
Notorious Coward Chris Mallick - "ePassporte Scam".
Oxymoron Entertainment Inc., MSRI Runoff LLC
Endeavour Orbiter Productions, Mallick Media Fraud.
Christopher Mallick (Chris, John, Jonathan, J. C. J Christopher, Cowardly Chris)
 of  "The ePassporte offshore Scam".  
Christopher Mallick is the Founder/Owner of Oxymoron Entertainment, Inc. Prior to this Chris Mallick was fired from Paycom Inc. (epoch), for misappropriation of assets, and as severence, to get rid of him without further litigation, was given the plans and control of Paycom's "ePassporte" project - A payment transfer company whom VISA eventually disassociated itself from after a VISA audit discovered "deficiencies"; millions of dollars of Mallick's client's funds were missing from their accounts.

During the recent civil trial, a prosecuting attorney stated: 

["We have received information that shows that Mr Mallick has stolen a large amount from the account holders of Epassporte, ranging between USD $ 20 million up to USD $ 60 million."]

*Money Laundering is Rampant in the Film Industry.  The money is usually taken though the long and often untraceable film production cost process.  A slate of films that should have cost no more than $4 million, winds up allegedly costing $30 Million.  The ill-gotten money is then sent to places such as switzerland and invested in legitimate international funds.  The thief then lives off of the proceeds.

Four years later, after hiring questionable attorneys from the law firm Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson (AGMB Law) , where individual lawyer(s) appear to have profited from the "scam", the slippery Christopher Mallick refuses to state the whereabouts of those customer funds or make any attempt to return money to the rightful owners. 
John Christopher Mallick Epassporte Victim.
Chris Mallicks ePassporte Victim.  Mallick violates word
then jets off to Vegas for High Stakes Gambling while
spending a fortune upgrading his Marina Del Rey Home.
 Several deaths have been linked to Chris Mallick's "ePassporte Scam", including the death of the mother of a victim (who could no longer pay for cancer medication) who is currently suing Mallick in L.A. Court, as Mallick reportedly strung the victim along with promises of payment, before jetting off to Las Vegas and never responding again.  Mallick was also eventually sued by a small group of ePassporte victims, he quietly settled to avoid prosecution, then violated the settlement repeatedly, only to be forced to cough up several million dollars of the money at the last minute of the last hour of the final day, to prevent his film related assets from being seized by the Plaintiffs attorneys (Paul Murphy & Associates - Murphy/ Rosen). Christopher Mallick was later sued in a related lawsuit for Fraud, where he harshly screwed  Curacao businessman Gregory Elias out of $12 Million.  Mallick quietly settled again, violated the settlement, lost the case, but earlier placed a lien on his publicly found assets in the name of his fictitious business, Mallick Media, possibly to thwart any attempts to seize them.

  Mallick Lives in Luxury and Extravagance. 

Just one balcony addition to "" Cowardly Chris" Mallicks Marina
Del Rey, 5 level Mansion". All work being done while
Mallick was claiming to not know where Gregory Elias's or
his ePassporte Victims money was.  $4 Million dollar home upgrade.
 Mallick still remains at large and reportedly travels in large, black SUV's with body guards to protect him from the victims. Mallick is suspected of keeping a second beach home, in addition to his newly fortified $4 Million Marina Del Rey Home. When confronted by ePassporte victims, and Gregory Elias, Mallick claims to have no money, while travelling and living a lavish lifestyle.

Aswad Ayinde - Incest Rapist.   "May you Burn in Hell", is
the sentiment of many who read of his exploits.. 
Producer Aswad Ayinde has been sentenced to 90 years in prison after a New Jersey court found him guilty of raping and impregnating his daughters.  The shamed producer admitted repeatedly raping five of his seven girls to create a 'pure' bloodline that would survive Doomsday.  Ayinde, 55, was able to conceal his plot by delivering the babies himself and beating and isolating his daughters by home schooling them, the court heard during his trial.  Ayinde buried at least two babies who died in the home, without notifying authorities or obtaining birth certificates NBC New York reported.

A San Clemente investment company was involved in a movie scam which saw 9 defendants being charged with fraud. The 33 count indictment, filed June 15, 2011, focuses on Q Media Assets LLC, an independent movie company operated by Michael D Sellers, a former CIA operative who had already pleaded guilty and is identified in the indictment as ‘co-conspirator one.  The US Department of Justice nabbed all the fraudsters for their scheme of defrauding people and collecting $9 million. 250 people were scammed of their money in the name of 2 movies that were damp squibs at the box office.

Rand Chortkoff - The Justice Department indicted six people Thursday in connection with two movie scams that prosecutors say defrauded 150 investors of more than $5 million. The 29-count indictment details one of two cases against other film producers in Los Angeles who the FBI says were cold-calling unsuspecting investors all over the country and stealing their money through a series of elaborate lies.  The movie was called "The Smuggler," and was supposedly going to star John Cusack and Joaquin Phoenix. Investors were told it was one of the "safest and surest investments" they could make.  The only problem? The FBI says it was all a lie.

The FBI says these scammers are living the high life with other people's money.
In the manner of Christopher Mallick of "the ePassporte Scam" the FBI says "We've had subjects in these types of cases that have Rolls Royces, Bentleys, that lived in the Hollywood Hills, that dined at Chateau Marmont and they were living the lifestyle with the money they collected from these investment scams," Delaney said.
The FBI says the six people they have indicted face up to 20 years in prison if they are convicted. They told us they also have several more open cases on people running movie investment schemes.

- The Oxymoron Entertainment Industry News - 2014

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Christopher Mallick in debt to Russian "businessman"?

Christopher Mallick Owned by Russians after Fraud Judgment?

Christopher Mallick the Epassporte "Film Producer" has liens placed by Eastern European unknowns, investigation reveals.

The new lien belongs to Russian businessmen and a fairly new California licensed lawyer named, "Vladimir". 

Gregory Elias of United Trust/Bank (center).
Christopher Mallick owes millions.

"do not do to others what you do not want others to do with you"

       - Gregory Elias last words to Christopher Mallick -

"There has been (so far unsubstantiated) speculation among Mallick's Epassporte victims that Gregory Elias may have sold the debt to this group, and that Mallick may now be indebted to them.  

Chris Mallick vs Gregory Elias of Curacao.
Endeavor Orbiter Productions
Christopher Mallick of Epassporte.
Mallick, the egocentric Epassporte "Film Producer" recently Paid for and completed a bottom up rebuild of his est. $3 Million dollar home. Security systems, large scale structural changes which moved a portion of his home's foundation, removal of bottom floor windows, installation of projectile resistant glass and installation of metal bay doors.  Christopher Mallick was seen in public with chubby body guards to defend him from his actions and the wrath of his victims, but it remains unclear if Mallick may need to protect his sons, one who has been spotted partying in Miami Florida, in exclusive Las Vegas suite's and attending one of the U.S.A's most Expensive Private Colleges, U.S.C. in Los Angeles.  Mallicks son has been spotted eating at..."   

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‘Middle Men’ Producer Christopher Mallick Hit With $12M Fraud Judgment

Oxymoron Entertainment,
Endeavor Orbiter Productions
Epassporte, 24-7 Commercial Marketing.
Law360, Los Angeles (June 20, 2014, 8:56 PM ET) -- A Hollywood producer behind the 2009 Luke Wilson film "Middle Men" was hit with an $12 million judgment in California court Friday for failing to uphold his settlement with Fire Glow Holding Inc., which alleged he lied about his net worth to obtain a loan to finance films.

[ Mallick is also currently scheduled to appear in Los Angeles Court for a 2015 Trial for failing to abide by the terms of a promissory note made to an alleged ePassport victim, whereby the plaintiff's family member is alleged to have died due to lack of medication, as a direct or proximate cause of Christopher Mallick's negligence.]  - edit by Justin B. -

Gregory Elias of United Trust, United I. Bank,
Fortis Bank of Curacao
, Fucked over by John
Christopher Mallick of Mallick Media - Endeavour
Orbiter Productions
and ePassporte NV. $12 Million!
The trust company's managing director, Greg Elias, alleged Christopher Mallick had lied about the purpose of a $15 million loan and the value of his own holdings, including defunct electronic transfer company ePassporte, before blowing the loan on a botched film project.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis issued a ruling without coming to the bench, granting the motion to enforce a settlement agreement by Fire Glow, which is based in Dutch Curacao, and entered a final consent judgment against Mallick. Fire Glow's motion to enforce settlement said that Mallick's opposition to the judgment was an attempt to escape his obligations under the parties' March 2013 settlement agreement.

“Defendant concedes the court's jurisdiction to enter judgment, concedes the parties entered into a settlement, concedes the defendant defaulted and concedes the defaulted amount,” the motion said. “Defendant's tactic now is to disavow knowledge of the language of the specifically agreed-upon consent judgment. ... This 'Hail Mary' is entirely contrived and must be rejected.”

Friday's judgment was another blow for Mallick, who sank millions of "his own" money into notorious flop "Middle Men," a fictionalized telling of his rise to fortune through the creation of an online payments processing company, ePassporte, which became ubiquitous as a method of payment for pornography websites.

In Fire Glow's complaint, filed in September 2011, investor Greg Elias alleges that Mallick solicited the loan from Elias by saying that he needed the money to pay off a divorce settlement with his ex-wife. The defendant said he would give Elias a cut of ePassporte's cashflow while the loan remained outstanding, and that the potential sale of the company — which Mallick claimed had been valued by a potential buyer at $80 million — would cover Mallick's debt, Elias alleged.

But the plaintiff said media reports in September 2010 showed that Visa Inc. had severed its relationship with ePassporte, with Mallick's company dissolving the next month.

Upon conducting an investigation into Mallick's affairs, Elias learned in January 2011 that Mallick had actually settled his divorce for $6.1 million, according to the complaint.

Although the parties entered into a settlement agreement in March 2013 whereby Mallick provided a $12 million promissory note, the producer failed to make the payments due under the arrangement, according to Fire Glow's motion.

In his opposition to the motion to enforce the settlement, filed on June 9, Mallick argues that Fire Glow “surreptitiously interjected” language into the consent judgment that contradicts their express agreement not to find him liable for wrongdoing, and thus allow Fire Glow to recover judgment on its fraud charge — rending the debt nondischargeable in bankruptcy.

On Friday, Judge Duffy-Lewis accepted Fire Glow's argument, and entered the consent judgment requiring Mallick to pay the $12 million.

Fire Glow is represented by Aalok Sharma, Charles C. Kline and Mark E. Gustafson of White & Case LLP.

Mallick is represented by Thomas H. Vidal, Michael J. Weiss and Nina N. Ameri of Abrams Garfinkel Margolis Bergson LLP.

The case is Fire Glow Holding Inc. v. Christopher Mallick, case number BC470633, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles.

--Editing by Elizabeth Bowen.

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'Housewives' couple plead guilty to fraud - oxymoron entertainment news

housewives fraud - oxymoron entertainment news
Oxymoron Entertainment fraud news
NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — A "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her husband face prison time after they pleaded guilty Tuesday to federal fraud charges for concealing income and lying during bankruptcy proceedings.
 In contrast to their often raucous on-screen personas, Teresa and Giuseppe "Joe" Giudice stood solemnly in front of U.S. Magistrate Esther Salas in Newark, speaking in barely audible tones as they admitted engaging in financial fraud.

Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and three types of bankruptcy fraud. Joe Giudice also pleaded guilty to failing to file a tax return for 2004, though he acknowledged he didn't file taxes on income of approximately $1 million between 2004 and 2008.

Are you a Christopher Mallick ePassporte Victim?  Read the --->  Christopher Mallick - ePassporte (Oxymoron Entertainment) updates.

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Investor sues Chris Mallick Oxymoron Entertainment and Epassporte

Christopher Mallick - Oxymoron Entertainment sued for fraudulent conversion of funds.
By KRISTY PATEL | Monday October 14, 2013 @ 11:22am PDT  
Law360, New York 
Questionable businessman turned Film Producer Sued. Illegal Funds Conversion
Chris Mallick Schedued for 2015 Trial in Los Angeles.  Mallick has lost every case his lawyers have fraudulently defended in the past 4 years.  Lawyers have profited from "The ePassporte Scam".

Chris Christopher Mallick Oxymoron Entertainment Fraud?
Chris Christopher Mallick Background.

An Investor and part time actor who became an unwitting "investor" in a questionable new film Producer, Christopher Mallick's  film ventures sues in another fraud type case similar to the recent case of Curacao businessman Gregory Elias of Fireglow Investment Fund.

The complaint charges Chris Mallick, (Oxymoron Entertainment) and his now defunct e-commerce company 'Epassporte' with Breach of Contract and the Illegal Conversion of funds +. 

Christopher Mallick misappropriated the funds of the California investor, according the the complaint.  Mallick once owned the now defunct e-commerce company "ePassporte". whose services were terminated by their sponsoring bank soon after the release of Mallick's film, which he allegedly self produced to the tune of nearly $30 million.  The bank found "deficiencies" and abruptly ended their relationship with Christopher Mallick.

The complaint alleges Oxymoron Entertainment - Christopher Mallick misappropriated the L.A. actor and internet investor's account funds and unlawfully used them in the production and distribution of assets, including a string of films all of which underperformed at the box office or went straight to DVD.  Oxymoron Entertainment 's Mallick acted in a manner that was premeditated, systematic and/or methodical, with the explicit intent to conceal his activities, because it was being done without plaintiff's consent and for the purpose of a Fraudulent Conversion.   

Update:  As of Feb. 27, 2014, Christopher Mallick, (who was once dragged into U.S. Court in an involuntary Bankruptcy), has failed to return any of the funds.

Others alleged victims have recently commented:

"This man stole $16,000 of my money, and in doing so left me stranded and penniless, thousands of miles from home. In the years since I've recovered from the loss of my life savings, but I sincerely hope that this cruel, heartless excuse for a human being gets his just rewards."
Keith Taylor · Bangkok, Thailand

"Have you achieved any real progress with epassporte problem ?... Chris Mallick , he stole from me 250K , and I am desperate ! do you have any other lead beside these 2 attorneys , do you know anyone else that have intention the sue Mallick in U.S court ?"
- Annette -

  Representatives for the parties were not immediately available for comment.
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Windy City Wipeout
In the North Shore of Chicago,  Charles Martin appears to be getting very rich running an e-commerce brokerage, One World Capital. Martin, like Christopher Mallick (Oxymoron Entertainment) shamelessly flaunts his wealth on the streets, cruising by in an Audi or Ferrari, a Bentley, or an Escalade. And then there are the vanity projects: a film production company that invests in a Hollywood flop called "Breaking Point," and numerous junkets to celebrity events. But where is the money really coming from? In 2010, a routine audit reveals some "irregularities" in Martin's company's accounting. But it's not just irregular -- it's outright theft. Like Christopher Mallick and his "deficiencies"? Martin has been plundering clients' accounts, to the tune of $10 million. Investigators discover that their outrageous spending even includes $1 million dollars of clients' money at a single NYC strip club and over $1 million on Private Jets.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oxymoron Entertainment Offshore Scam Report - Christopher Mallick vs Zahavi. Murphy.

"Run Christopher Mallick... Run!"
Christopher Mallick's Epassporte "SCAM".
Millions of dollars of Customer Funds "Vanish"!
Oxymoron Entertainment - Christopher Mallick (White Collar Fraud?) still on the run, as Lawyers and Creditors attempt to uncover the whereabouts of his customers account funds, estimated by court officers to be in the Tens of Millions of U.S. dollars.

Christopher Mallick's Epassporte / 24-7 Commercial Marketing inc. and Oxymoron Entertainment Scandal goes on.

 Curacao and U.S. based attorney's have successfully sued Christopher Mallick on behalf of a small number of Mallick's  /Oxymoron Entertainment news / Epassporte Customers.

Epassporte, Oxymoron Entertainment, 24-7 Commercial Marketing Scam?
Christopher Mallick's  Oxymoron Entertainment - Epassporte -
24-7 Commercial Marketing Shell Game?
John Chris Mallick was the owner  of now defunct online "Billing Company" ePassporte, from where customer funds were allegedly siphoned away without consent.  Mallick owned and controlled Epassporte, 24-7 Commericial Marketing, Oxymoron Entertainment; Chris Mallick finally admitted to owing the money, but avoided returning the money for years, hiding behind his lawyers.

Recently when a judge brought the hammer down on him, Mallick was forced to stubbornly return over $2 Million, and followed up with a libelous, truth stretching attack against law enforcement.

A Prosecuting attorney has recently stated:

"...We have received information that shows that Mr Mallick has stolen a large amount from the account holders of Epassporte, ranging between USD $ 20 million to as much as...

Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick has admitted to owing the money, but has accused the attorney who sued him of unethical behavior related to the back payments Mallick was forced to return to his ePassporte customers by court order.

Another round of civil lawsuits are reported to be in the pipeline as well as possible criminal charges against Christopher Mallick for his repeated acts of negligence.

In his recent past, Christopher Mallick has been at the center of a Securities Fraud case, as well as another - Mallick Fraud - charge which was quietly settled.

Mr. Michael Olsen, a former associate of Christopher Mallick and a Senior Manager stated:

"I hope (Christopher Mallick) and his friends get what they deserve, now (years) later I still have people contacting me asking about their money and where it is. Christopher Mallick is a crook and anyone still associating themselves with him or working for any of the companies (he is) involved with ... is as big a crook. "

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Cover-up? Christy Taylor Barnes & Christopher Mallick Oxymoron Entertainment

The Oxymoron, Entertainment Industry News Update....

"Almost every Scam involves a cover-up."  Marc W. - F.B.I.

CHILLING EFFECTS - Christy Taylor Barnes engages in image laundering for Christopher "fraud" Mallick?

Christy Taylor Barnes & Christopher Mallick of ePassporte / Oxymoron Entertainment.

Christy Taylor - Buying domains that could expose
Christopher Mallick and what many are calling
"The ePassporte / Oxymoron Entertainment Fraud.

Christy Barnes. Photo asking
if there is an Oxymoron
Entertainment Fraud
involving ePassporte customer funds.

Christy Taylor Barnes acct - In attempt at what is know as "cyber squatting", purchases
dozens of names of websites that could be used to criticize her Piggy Bank / Boss, Christopher Mallick.

The alleged scheme includes a glaring conflict of interest.  Oxymoron Entertainment's Christopher Mallick Michael Weiss (right), who appears to be listed as a "co producer" of Mallick's ill financed and super expensive films.  He is seen in pictures with a shit eating, arrogant grin on his face.  What is this man hiding?
employs a questionable attorney named

His legal practice appears to issue dozens of fraudulent DMCA notices in a frivolous attempt to hide the situation by silencing anyone criticizing the "ePassporte Scam".  

By profiting from the film, Weiss might have a "special $" interest in silencing victims.

The Organization "Chilling Effects" notes the attempt by the players of what has been called the "Epassporte Fraud"
(AGMB Law - Christoper Mallick, Christy Taylor Barnes, Michael Weiss) to silence the victims of Oxymoron
Entertainment / Epassporte missing funds scandal.  Silencing the victims. 

The Oxymoron, Entertainment Industry News Note:  

Take-down requests should be made properly and in a respectful tone.

Examining the impact of Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act

The actions of AGMB LLP and employees of Companies under the control of Christopher Mallick amount to attempts to silence free and fair speech and reporting.  Any successful Frivolous or Fictitious DMCA Infringement claims to silence victims could have a  CHILLING EFFECT on free speech.